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We specialise in helping our clients CRUSH their health goals with our easy to follow superfood nutritional cleansing system.  Our programme becomes a catalyst for healthy change, bringing happiness, vitality and confidence through a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. When you flood the body with the correct nutrition and direct focus towards health, food choices become simple and willpower is not required.   


Angela has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and firmly believes that exercise should be for fun.  She is the #1 consultant for our nutritional company in Hong Kong.     

Joe is an ex-Hong Kong Rugby international and recently retired from a 30-year career in the finance industry so he can concentrate on coaching people to success.

Eric Tilley

For the first 35 years of his life, Eric’s lifestyle consisted of excessive alcohol and drug use and poor nutritional choices. He got his life on track but still fluctuated with his body weight. Once he reached his 40s, Eric realized that staying healthy was harder than he thought. He would eat healthy foods and meal prep, then fall off the wagon, only to jump back on a few months later. Our nutritional system combined with healthy eating habits, helped Eric lose excess weight, gain 15 pounds of lean muscle (without changing his existing exercise routine too much) and stay consistent.  In 2018, he sold his landscaping business after 22 years, having replaced his income by helping others to achieve their health and wealth goals with our system.


Melissa Barkell

An unwanted divorce and personal family struggles haven’t held Melissa back from taking control of her health. Consistent workouts, a healthy diet, and our nutritional system are all key components to the success Melissa has experienced.. Today, she is grateful for the support she receives, accepting her new reality while creating a vision for her future!   These photographs are a year apart … what a difference!


Ryan Barshop

In 2007, I was in the best shape of my life. After living in Hong Kong for two years and training six days a week in Muay Thai kickboxing, I was young, healthy and simply unstoppable. After leaving Hong Kong and starting law school back in the States, I quickly started to put on weight. The time I originally set aside for training was replaced by nearly 100 hours a week of classes and studying. I put on 20 pounds in the first semester alone!


Over the next several years, I would lose weight only to put it back on. When I finally started my professional career, things became worse. Stress was handled by eating comfort food and I became bigger and bigger each year. By May 2017, I had reached over 250 pounds!  My goal of being able to summit to Everest Base Camp by the time I turned 40 seemed like an impossible dream. Not only was a morbidly obese but my health was seriously debilitating my ability to function. I was becoming depressed and had very low energy. A stressful career and a hectic travel schedule only made things worse. It was becoming clear that if I continued down the same path, I was looking at a major heart attack, stroke, or something that would have rendered me permanently disabled or dead within 10 years. Time was a luxury that I just didn't have.


Angela and Joe Hancock have been part of my life for well over 10 years going back to my time in Hong Kong. I was noticing their amazing transformation and while I thought that it could help me, I was reluctant to try. Instead, I opted for quick and easy fixes like slimming treatment programs and other systems that resulted in quick weight loss only to return to the status quo plus extra weight. Family and friends were even starting to suggest gastric bypass surgery.


I needed to change my life soon or it would be to late.


In May 2017, I contacted Angela and informed her that I wanted to give the system a try. After years of trying to be healthy, I decided that this would be it; win, lose or draw. On the morning of May 30, 2017, I started the system with my first morning shake. I will never forget how nervous I felt taking my first sip and trying hard to get through the day. Yet, I made it through the first day with flying colors.


Over the next 30 days, there was a noticeable change in both my mood, aura and of course physical appearance. Family, friends and colleagues were slowly noticing that weight was decreasing. Combined with exercise, it was apparent that my new life was taking place not only because of these amazing products but with the support that Angela and Joe would unconditionally provide.


Fast forward 18 months later and the results speak for themselves! Ninety pounds of fat gone and lean muscle gained. For the first time in my professional life, people are coming up to me commenting how fit I am with awe of how at my age I could lose so much weight and build muscle. I tell them that it's not hard and that all you need is some self-control and personal responsibility. Because of my new health and lifestyle, my professional life has never been better. I am growing in ways I never thought was possible and it would not have been possible had I not improved my overall health.


The results truly speak for themselves. Angela and Joe, thank you for giving my life! I'll be calling you the moment I reach Base Camp in September 2019!

Caroline Driscoll

I first met Angela online via a Facebook group and I was interested in how she was helping so many people achieve their goals. I was about to go on holiday for the summer so I put it to the back of my mind and thought I would get back to her on my return.

On my return to HK, I hit the gym and in my first session managed to slip and tear 2 of my discs, which meant that exercise was now out of the question and I was going to have to rely on nutrition only to help me lose my holiday weight.  Before starting the system, I did think I ate quite well and knew how to manage by diet plan but this was with exercising. I contacted Angela and made it quite clear I would only need her help for one month until I could work out again. Angela was fully supportive of this but I think she knew that I was going to be using them for a lot longer!! Within the first few days, I also knew that this was not going to be a 30-day thing. I didn’t notice it at first but I was sleeping much better and I was no longer relying on coffee to get me through the day. I was in regular contact with Angela via messaging and face-to-face meetings and her 1-1 support made the first 30 days so easy.  I lost 3 kgs in the first 30 days and I was more than happy with this, but it was my sugar addiction disappearing, and my clear skin and the energy back that I had had in my twenties, that was what amazed me even more. After my first 60 days, I had lost 7kgs, and I honestly didn’t know I had 7kgs to lose. Keep in mind, this was all without any exercise due to my injury.

I am 100% certain that had it not been for the ease, convenience and quality of the products that 2.5 years on, I would not be in the physical health position that I am currently in.  Add to this the amazing support from Angela and this has been the best decision I have ever taken for my health.


Sharon Birkett

After watching my friend Angela for months experience great results with her nutrition system, I finally decided to give it a go in May 2016.  


I was only going to use the products for 30 days to give myself a kickstart, however, here I am over 2 years later and having just celebrated my 55th birthday, I'm feeling better than I ever have!  Not only have I dropped several dress sizes since starting this system, I've reignited my love for exercise and am now regularly taking part in bootcamps, running and I just did my first Spartan race too which was exhilarating!!  I'm no longer hiding in the back whenever someone pulls out their camera to take photographs and feel vibrant and youthful again. I am committed to improving my health and now love helping others too. This has been of great benefit as it's meant that I have had some additional cash in my bank every month just for helping others start on their journey to health too.  Saying yes to this nutrition system has given me a new lust for life. Angela has been a great mentor and coach throughout, both in terms of my physical and financial journey and she has helped me to grow into a confident leader. I'm excited for what the future holds!



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Angela Hancock

Health and Wellness Coach, Fitness Leader

Tel: +852 9457 4643

Joe Hancock

Health and Wellness Coach

Tel: +852 9187 1215

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