We combine our superfood meal replacement shakes and bio-available plant based supplements with easy to prepare whole food meals and snacks which will leave you feeling full, nourished and satisfied.  We will provide you with a sample menu plan and provide the recipes to help you stay on track.



We will break your goals down into manageable steps and set you weekly and daily challenges that you will help keep you motivated and inspired.   More importantly, we will help you to connect with why it’s important for you to make these changes now and hold you accountable to them. For complete transformation and lasting success, we will help you make mindset changes which will make it so much easier for you to replace your bad habits with good ones.   Your health is an ongoing journey, not a destination, we will help you to manage the ebb and flow as you travel forward and we will remind you, there is no such thing as failure, unless you give up, only lessons to be learned.



Some clients are very attached to habits and routines and initially, are not willing to give those rituals up.  That’s fine with me. My role is to guide people as to how to get the best results, but not to force them to follow what I say.  I believe that everything must come from the client. For example, Mr B came to me wanting more energy and to lose his mid-riff, but was not willing to give up his half bottle of wine which he drank every evening to de-stress from his job.  I told him for the best results, he should, but if he was willing to be patient and understood that by not giving up the wine, it would take longer for him to see the effects, then he could continue. Within 3 weeks, he no longer need the wine to destress when he came home because he was better coping with life generally - one of the side benefits.  That wine drinking habit of 10+ years took less than 3 weeks to break, but not because I told Mr B that he had to stop drinking, but because he decided he didn’t want to.

I have clients who are allergic to exercise - there words, not mine - and although I believe that EVERYONE should incorporate some kind of movement into their daily routine, again, I will not force people to run, go to the gym etc.  Everything has to come from the client. That’s why, I love when people message me and say, guess what, I’ve been for my first hike in years, or I’ve signed up for a 5km or I’m coming to your class today. For me, these are all incredible wins!