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Have you heard of "Dry January"?

"Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practised in the United Kingdom. It is generally accepted where the New Year starts mid-week the Dry January commences the following Monday, allowing for a debaucherous start to the year before abstinence."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dry January wasn't in the calendar when I was young, but it reminds me of Lent, when as a child, I was encouraged to give up sweets for 40 days until gorging myself on chocolate Easter eggs for an entire day. For many of you dry January may have resulted in that same effect ... you abstained for a whole month and then drank your weight in alcohol at the very first opportunity. It begs the question, why do it in the first place?

Whatever the reason, when we have to forego something, particularly an unhealthy food habit, for a period of time, we usually focus on what we are giving up which makes it a real struggle and even more desirable ... because it is the focus of our attention ... we always want what we can't have and that focus will eventually lead to the binge at the end of the period.

Instead, I suggest that you focus on what you are gaining during your period of abstaining from that unhealthy habit. If you focus on the positive benefits of what you are doing i.e improving your health, waking up feeling clear headed, having energy to play with the children, being a more engaged husband, the longer-term benefits for you and your family will far outweigh what you have "given up" and become your focus.

And you never know, at the end of the period, you may actually have created a brand new set of healthy habits and the thing that you thought you couldn't live without may no longer be important ...

Would love to hear your thoughts.



Joe is an ex-Hong Kong Rugby international and recently retired from a 30-year career in the finance industry. One of the most important lessons that one can learn, both personally and professionally, is that true wealth is found in your health.

He now has a passion to teach, motivate and inspire, that when you truly take care of yourself you are taking care of all those around you at the same time.

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