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I first met Angela online via a Facebook group and I was interested in how she was helping so many people achieve their goals. I was about to go on holiday for the summer so I put it to the back of my mind and thought I would get back to her on my return.

On my return to HK, I hit the gym and in my first session managed to slip and tear 2 of my discs, which meant that exercise was now out of the question and I was going to have to rely on nutrition only to help me lose my holiday weight.  Before starting the system, I did think I ate quite well and knew how to manage by diet plan but this was with exercising. I contacted Angela and made it quite clear I would only need her help for one month until I could work out again. Angela was fully supportive of this but I think she knew that I was going to be using them for a lot longer!! Within the first few days, I also knew that this was not going to be a 30-day thing. I didn’t notice it at first but I was sleeping much better and I was no longer relying on coffee to get me through the day. I was in regular contact with Angela via messaging and face-to-face meetings and her 1-1 support made the first 30 days so easy.  I lost 3 kgs in the first 30 days and I was more than happy with this, but it was my sugar addiction disappearing, and my clear skin and the energy back that I had had in my twenties, that was what amazed me even more. After my first 60 days, I had lost 7kgs, and I honestly didn’t know I had 7kgs to lose. Keep in mind, this was all without any exercise due to my injury.

I am 100% certain that had it not been for the ease, convenience and quality of the products that 2.5 years on, I would not be in the physical health position that I am currently in.  Add to this the amazing support from Angela and this has been the best decision I have ever taken for my health.

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