To give some background on why I took the step to try nutritional cleanse, over the past 4years I had yoyoed up and down with my weight since having my first child in winter 2014. I went from a very happy and confident 9stone/57kg, to my heaviest as a very unhappy and shy 14.6stone/93kg. The impact this had on me was unexpected and a shock to my system. Physically, mentally and emotionally my body was suffering. It wasn’t just baby weight or hormones, I was comfort eating, midnight snacking and generally had given up on myself. Along side this I have other auto immune and rheumatic health conditions that were causing relapses and making general day to day life difficult for me.


I had at that time recently given birth to my second child who was 4months old. I had been through another complicated csection, and suffered long lasting problems over the years also. Then after a investigative MRI scan in summer 2018 I was given quite a shock with the results. It was enough to bring me back into the reality that I really needed to look after number one first and foremost, my health. Not only for myself, but for my children too.


With diet control alone (before I started the system) I managed to release some weight and get to 89kg but I just could not shift anymore and it was getting me down. The extra weight on my body was causing stress on my joints. My mobility was low due to a rheumatic condition and injuries to my ribs, hip and leg. I had extreme aches and pains all over. I would look at myself and wonder what had happened to me. Despite going to a specialist physio therapist every week and doing these exercises at home, nothing helped. I had a hip and back brace, but it was painful to use and uncomfortable to wear. I really didn’t recognise the person I had become and I no longer felt like me. I wasn’t the mummy of two I had imagined I would be. 


I met Angela online after searching for a solution to release weight steadily and healthily, and to gain energy to help get my health back on track. I had heard Angela was a specialist on nutritional cleanse and a renowned fitness leader in HK, the best person to contact and seek guidance from.


I told Angela at the beginning that I would follow the nutritional cleanse plan and give it my best shot. Angela was there giving support and advice when I needed. Despite a couple vacations and social celebrations for me during the beginning, my results were still great. In the first 16weeks I released 20lbs of weight by using the system alone. And by month eight, I had released a total of 30lbs. But the change in my body composition was pretty amazing. How I feel is even better. 


Using the system I have reduced aches and pains, I have lots of energy to keep up with my two active little boys, I no longer attend physio and instead I do yoga to help with stretching and building my strength. I sleep soundly, waking well rested and I’m ready to take on the day. My friends and family say “you’ve got your mojo back”, and they are right, I finally feel like I’m getting back to the ME I recognise and remember. I’m happier, smiling, more confident and feel alive again. Life is fun. 


My journey has been really incredible. I remember chatting with Angela at the very beginning saying I would have no interest in the business. However over the first few months, things unwrapped so naturally. Now my friends and family are benefiting and improving their health and wellness. I am working again, doing something I enjoy, helping others achieve their health goals which I absolutely love. I take a genuine and personal approach when supporting and coaching people who make a commitment to their health through using our system. I really love seeing them flourish and find joy in their own journey. 


No matter what life throws at you, you have to make the most of it. Our system is so easy, so convenient and it delivers results. I am absolute, real life, living proof of this. I am so pleased I made the decision to do this. With my hand on my heart, I can truly say that this has been life changing for me, my health and my whole family. 


I am so excited for the future, not just my own, but for yours too. I am ready to help others reach their health and wealth goals.