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Facing Fear

Fear is an inevitable and necessary part of life: the way in which we handle our fears is the essence of why we are given this experience of life.  We grow through turning inwards and facing those fears, allowing them to become a framework and not a cage.

Successful people have fears just like the rest of us, the difference is, they allow those fears to help them grow and focus on their desire to achieve their life goals rather than than the fears they have which may pull them back.

Whilst some fears are tangible, i.e. a fear of spiders, others are not. For example, you may find yourself sabotaging a project, relationship, regime when it’s going really well and you can’t understand why. This is often because of some subconscious programme which is running which takes over and this is why many fears are not logical or rational. Outwardly, you want to achieve a goal you have set, but at some subconscious level, an underlying fear takes over.

Whatever the case, fear can be debilitating and keep us trapped in a “comfort” zone of familiarity.

However, I use the word “comfort” loosely because we are not actually feeling comfortable or safe or content, because we want to be able to function without screaming out loud when we see a spider, or travel freely, or speak out in meetings, but humans are driven by the need for familiarity and security, so even though the fear may be holding us back, it’s what we know.

Facing a fear involves change, it means we need to change what we are familiar with, change brings uncertainty and this uncertainty brings more fear … fear of the unknown … can you see where I am going with this?

Many fears are caused because we imagine the worst case scenario, i.e. if it’s a fear of public speaking, that we forget our speech or people will laugh and we will make a fool of ourselves.

But what if we just imagine the BEST that could happen, i.e. that you give an amazing speech, the audience is engaged and they clap enthusiastically at the end because they enjoyed what you had to say …. how does that make you feel inside?

Next time you are contemplating something which makes you feel afraid, try imagining the BEST case scenario, visualise the scene going perfectly, just how you would like to it to be, how you will be feeling and keep playing it through in your mind experiencing YOUR best possible outcome.

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