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Don’t be a Hog in the Year of the Pig!

With Chinese New Year looming, you may be feeling anxious about staying on track with your health goals given there’ll be gatherings, parties and celebrations to attend!!!   But don’t assume that holidays and healthy lifestyles don’t mix. You absolutely can enjoy your Chinese New Year celebrations, wherever you may be, at home or on holiday, without a couple of holiday blowouts undoing all your hard work … remember, consistency over time, is key, so think lifestyle, rather than diet.   But as with anything, “failing to plan, is planning to fail”, so here are a few handy tips to help you stay focussed:

Schedule your Splurge

Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this year, so those three days you can expect to be crazy, but the days surrounding, particularly the Monday and Friday, adhere to your health regime: choosing what you eat and drink wisely, keeping your water in-take high and keep moving.  

Hosting? If you are hosting a gathering or party, playing soft music in the background and dimming the lights, can be a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere and some research has indicated this can help to reduce the amount of food people consume because they are generally feeling better.

To help avoid mindless eating, keep food in one area and create food free areas -  out of sight out of mind!!! When you leave nibbles everywhere, people are more likely to without thinking, it’s all about proximity and visibility.   Instead, create areas which encourage your guest to socialise and have to think twice before going to get more food.

Serve higher calorie foods like pasta, mashed potatoes etc in smaller bowls or platters and use larger platters for healthier options like vegetables. It’s subtle, but what you’re doing is creating less demand for the unhealthier food and more demand for the good stuff.

Use smaller plates to make portion control easier. We very often over-eat due to miscalculating portion sizes, so smaller plates can help.

If you have an abundance of leftovers, rather than let them ruin your health drive, give your guests doggy bags to take with them.

Track the Treats

You don’t need to monitor everything, but being mindful is going to ensure that you don’t go crazy. There are lots of apps which you can use to track your treats and whilst I’m not suggesting you become obsess, having a idea of what you are consuming will help you stay focussed and may help you to snack smarter! Keep Moving

Although you may not get time to hit the gym, stay as active as you can even.  Whatever the weather, get outside and enjoy some fresh air and nature after a meal … encourage everyone to join you for a walk with the dog, or go for a hike or play a family game in the garden or local park.  

Remember Your Goals

Don’t lose sight of your final destination. Although it’s easy to get side-tracked during the holidays, if you keep your goals in mind, it will be easier for you to stay focussed.  We have a wonderful community that we plug into to help us stay motivated, accountable and inspired to keep going. Budding up is the best way to stay

About Angela Hancock:

Angela Hancock is the #1 Consultant in HK and a recognised global leader with Isagenix. She is an international speaker, mentor, trainer, health coach and passionate about helping people to transform their lives.

Angela started her career in health and wellness about 25 years ago in the UK when qualified as a Group Fitness leader. She moved to Hong Kong in 1997 and discovered a passion for Muay Thai and Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo. She represented HK at the WKKF Asian Championships in 1999 and 2000 taking Bronze and Silver. Angela developed her own style “Fightin’ Fit” classes at her Fightin' Fit Studio. She is a Master Trainer for T30 Fitness Training, PoundFit instructor, certified Nirvana Fitness Instructor and is now bringing HIITStep to Hong Kong.

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