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10 Fitness Wins Unrelated to the Scale!

People get fixated by the number on the scale.

You should know, that the scale is not an accurate representation of your progress OR your worth, so I want to encourage you to focus on the non-scale victories.

These victories are what we can all celebrate off the scale! They are just as important as achieving physical changes, if not more because they are proof that your healthy lifestyle is paying off now and in the long run.

Non-scale victories often end up resulting in your body changing because you feel motivated, healthier and inspired to keep going.

We may begin with a number on the scale as our goal, but results sometimes take longer than expected. That number isn’t enough to keep you focussed on the days when you are struggling.

Celebrating the non-scale victories will keep you on the right track because they are what make you FEEL your best, inside and out!

Here is a list of some victories unrelated to the scale:

1. Having more energy

2. Feeling in control of everything including your meal choices

3. Sleeping better

4. Regular bowel movements

5. Improved hair, skin, nails health

6. Feeling confident

7. Lifting heavier weights than you were able to when you started

8. Improved fitness – ie: Running faster or cycling longer

9. Feeling more comfortable in your clothes

10. Starting to look forward to your workouts

There are so many more victories we can celebrate than just weight-loss. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the gift that keeps on giving.

What victories can you add to this list?

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