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After watching a number of my friends lose weight, I rather reluctantly decided to try and see if this system they were doing would work for me. I was negative and dismissive, but I couldn’t deny the results my friends had been getting, and frankly nothing else was working! I have hypoglycaemia and PCOS so losing weight was very necessary because of the health implications with these conditions, but also felt impossible to do because of the hormone imbalance and blood sugar issue which meant I needed to eat regularly. I had rather resigned myself to putting on more and more weight every year and that was just how it had to be. I was tired all the time, had terrible sleep problems and inwardly was in a very negative space. 

Within a few days of starting this system, I was getting results. I realised my clothes didn’t feel so tight, I had more energy and I felt calmer. Most amazing of all, I could get a full nights sleep!! That was a miracle in itself! 

So this was just over two years ago, and since then I have maintained my new, healthy weight, and am also doing my best to pass this system onto others. It’s a fantastic way to create an additional income and new business alongside a job, help structure a financial future, while getting fit and healthy and helping others at the same time!  Who could ask for a greater opportunity than that?! I’m so thankful to have jumped onboard and have the opportunity to work with this amazing team under Angela’s expert guidance and help.

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