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After watching my friend Angela for months experience great results with her nutrition system, I finally decided to give it a go in May 2016.  


I was only going to use the products for 30 days to give myself a kickstart, however, here I am over 2 years later and having just celebrated my 55th birthday, I'm feeling better than I ever have!  Not only have I dropped several dress sizes since starting this system, I've reignited my love for exercise and am now regularly taking part in bootcamps, running and I just did my first Spartan race too which was exhilarating!!  I'm no longer hiding in the back whenever someone pulls out their camera to take photographs and feel vibrant and youthful again. I am committed to improving my health and now love helping others too. This has been of great benefit as it's meant that I have had some additional cash in my bank every month just for helping others start on their journey to health too.  Saying yes to this nutrition system has given me a new lust for life. Angela has been a great mentor and coach throughout, both in terms of my physical and financial journey and she has helped me to grow into a confident leader. I'm excited for what the future holds!

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