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Angela has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry and firmly believes that exercise should be for fun.  She is the #1 consultant for our nutritional company in Hong Kong.  Angela is also the current President of the BNI Attraction Chapter.   


As a small business owner, with no marketing background, I’ve often wondered how best to grow my client base.


Influencer marketing seems to be leading the way at the moment, so as a little leaguer, I wondered how I could improve my own ability to influence people to try my nutritional system as a way to improve their health.

Well, we know that every interaction we have with another person will influence them in some way: either to enhance friendship, build trust, deepen respect or not.  So, it would follow that if you want to influence people to follow you, you must be very INTENTIONAL.


I asked myself what I would look for.  Consistency and reliability featured high on my list, as did someone who is engaging, authentic and being empathetic.  Everyone wants to feel understood, heard and valued, so being able to relate to your audience will help to form a bond of trust and further, being accessible and approachable is important to.   Do you agree?



Health and Wellness Coach, Fitness Leader

Tel: +852 9457 4643

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Joe is an ex-Hong Kong Rugby international and recently retired from a 30-year career in the finance industry. One of the most important lessons that one can learn, both personally and professionally, is that true wealth is found in your health.

He now has a passion to teach, motivate and inspire, that when you truly take care of yourself you are taking care of all those around you at the same time.



Health and Wellness Coach

Tel: +852 9187 1215

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